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An Abbreviated Hunt for Your Enjoyment

Each riddle you solve brings you closer to your treasure! The first riddle in each set leads you to the correct business.  You'll need to check out the map for the general location to start searching.  This sample is only available to locate Wednesday through Sunday, 4pm to 1am and is for patrons 21 y/o and older.  

The place within which is held your brain

Plus a common coin or  popular drinking game

Between a river of liquor and bridge for your feet

The vintage games are really neat

View Map

Once inside, the following riddle is to lead you

to the exact location of the clue

(or at least close enough)

Left of royalty but not to piss
Eight from the top 
On a green disk

Did you get there yet?  Great!

(if not, scroll down slowly for some more clues)

Need a little help?

If you've already given it a go and are at a loss you may want a little hint.  Keep scrolling to see the answers.  If you don't want to know, stop scrolling now.

Reading Map

"I can't figure out what business I am supposed to enter"

The first part is a Military term that if separated means bathroom and living area

If you still need help and want to see the answers just keep scrolling

Name of Business Answer

Okay, here's the answer you were needing.  Hopefully you have better luck on the next ones.

Business: HQ Beercade

"I'm pretty sure I made it to the right business but don't see the next clue anywhere"

I'm on the wall above a couch of leather

within a bunch of disks hung together

Location within business Answer

Location: on the wall to the left of the men's restroom

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